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Tax privileged savings within your pension provision

At PensExpert, we have extensive knowledge of the complex tax regime governing the pension system. Use our experience. Your personal pension provision coach will work with you independently and focus on your individual requirements.

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Take advantage of the tax opportunities

A payment into pillar 3a enables you to make comprehensive provisions for your retirement age. It pays off twice - because the state helps you save taxes. Thanks to clever planning, PensExpert pension solutions enable you to reduce your annual tax burden.

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Free choice of investment strategy

Free choice of banking partner and investment strategy, optimal alignment of your pension provision custodian account with your private assets, while benefiting from institutional rates. These are some major advantages you get with our solutions.

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The best base for moving abroad

Bye-bye Switzerland: If you decide to move permanently from Switzerland and want to access your pension assets, you are liable for a one-off source tax payment. This tax is lowest in Canton Schwyz, which is the domicile of our foundations.

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