Smart strategies for your 3rd pillar

Pens3a Pension foundation

There are good reasons to start saving for retirement now. For a start, life expectancy is growing. Furthermore, the 1st and 2nd pillar pensions – AHV and occupational pension fund – are expected to decrease in future.

We help you apply a clear strategy to your retirement planning, so you have the right investment solution for your paid-in contributions.

Investment advantages

Low fund fees and a free selection of banking partner plus your own investment strategy - that is what Pens3a offers.

Tax deductible retirement provision

Use the tax-saving options available. Check. Optimise your retirement benefits. Check.

Staggered capital withdrawal

We can advise you of the benefits of holding several 3a accounts.

Why Pens3a?

The 1st and 2nd pillars are under financial pressure. As a result, individual responsibility for retirement provision is becoming more important. We enable you to structure your pension provision individually and according to your requirements. You can choose from an extensive range of investment solutions and enjoy the tax breaks now.


Are you just thinking about it or are you saving already?

Paying into a Pillar 3a allows you to make thorough provision for your retirement. Moreover, you benefit twice - as the state helps you save taxes.

Who benefits from Pens3a?

  • The self-employed

  • Employees

  • People moving abroad with Pillar 3a assets

A brief overview

Year of foundation


Foundation headquarter


Foundation Board

Marcus Waldispühl, Meggen (Chairman)
Dionys Berwert, Meggen
Mark Huber, Galgenen
Ivan Brot, Wangen (SZ)

Management and Consulting

PensExpert AG


Convisa Revisions AG, Schwyz


Zentralschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht (ZBSA)

Andreas Blattner
Head of Northwestern Switzerland Region

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