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Be smart when withdrawing capital

If you withdraw pension assets via our Pens3a foundation or PensFree vested benefits foundation, you benefit from a very low rate of source tax. Canton Schwyz has the lowest source tax in Switzerland. Calculate your tax benefit now.

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Tax at source

The foundation's domicile is in Canton Schwyz, so you benefit from a low source tax.

Freedom of withdrawal

Withdraw your pension assets or leave it intact with tax-exempt? It’s up to you.

Insurance protection

Individually insured, global protection.

PensFree Vested benefits foundation

The working world is becoming more flexible. Employees undergo phases of working and not working, whether through taking a career break after many years, to further their training, have a baby or attend an extended language course. If so, you need an uncomplicated vested benefits foundation as a “parking space” for your accumulated retirement assets.

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Pens3a Foundation

“When you're old, you're old”, as the young and young at heart like to say. However, they forget that early 3rd pillar payments bring long-term benefits. That’s why we offer a voluntary private pension solution for you. An additional exclusive provision is that Pens3a is the only Pillar 3a pension foundation in Switzerland that offers a mortgage to finance your own home.

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Head of Taxes
Fabio Preite
Partner, Member of EB, Head Administration and Foundations

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