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How can you exploit these advantages?  

A well-structured management pension scheme offers many tax benefits for your company, your pension plan members and you personally. 

«Finding the right balance between taking dividends and buying into a management pension scheme was a big challenge to me. PensExpert was invaluable to me in finding that balance.»
Joe Bienz
Founder and co-owner
Performa AG

Tax advantages for your company

Accumulate employer contribution reserves when business is good, so you have a financial buffer for future premiums.

Tax advantages for you and your insured members

Our pension provision coach can advise you on how to accumulate and withdraw your retirement funds.

Voluntary purchases

Close your gaps through voluntary purchases and reduce your taxable income.

PensFlex 1e collective foundation

PensFlex represents a paradigm shift in occupational pension provision by moving away from the group mentality towards greater freedom and individual responsibility.

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PensUnit collective foundation

PensUnit targets companies and individuals who want to save more on tax.

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Any questions? Ask our tax expert.

Cyrill Habegger
Head of Taxes
Fabio Preite
Partner, Member of EB, Head Administration and Foundations

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