Tax advantages when withdrawing capital

Residence in Switzerland

A one-off tax applies to the withdrawal of pension assets. If you are resident in Switzerland, the pension assets are disbursed separately to other income and taxed at a preferantial rate. 

The taxation of this capital payment varies among the cantons. You can break the tax progression, for example, through early withdrawals for financing owner-occupied property, or by having multiple accounts with staggered capital withdrawals.

Online capital tax calculator

How much tax do you have to pay when withdrawing your retirement capital? Pension fund and 3rd pillar pay-outs made in the same year are accumulated and taxed. Calculate your tax liability with our capital tax calculator.

Living abroad

If you are definitively leaving Switzerland and want to have your pension assets paid out, the one-off tax payment is not based on your last place of residence. The applicable tax rate is that of the canton where the pension foundation is based.

Pens3a enables you to benefit from the foundation’s headquarters being in Schwyz. If you withdraw your pension assets and are resident outside Switzerland, you are only liable for a very low rate of source tax (that of Canton Schwyz).

​Online source tax calculator

Are you moving abroad permanently? If so, you are liable for source tax in Switzerland on your departure. Since our foundation's domicile is Schwyz, you will benefit from a low tax rate. Calculate here how much you can save. Please note : Calculations are based on 2019 tax rates. The calculator uses the Federal and Canton Schwyz source tax rates.


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