You decide what goes into your pension provision custodian account.

Select your personal investment strategy

Invest with us and you can choose from a range of strategy profiles as well as having a traditional savings account.

You can select a range of strategy profiles based on your personal risk profile in addition to a traditional savings account:

  • Mixed strategy profile

  • Benchmark-oriented strategy profile

  • Targeted strategy profile

Our foundations offer you numerous BVV2-conform mixed strategy profiles for investment foundations and investment funds depending on your personal risk capacity and risk appetite. You benefit from institutional rates for all your investment solutions. This brings tangible cost advantages, thus adding value to your assets.

Investment strategies with a discretionary asset management mandate

We offer investment strategies for larger pension asset volumes, either via funds or single securities. In the event of retirement or permanent departure from Switzerland, you can transfer the securities from the pension provision custodian account to your private assets.

Free choice of investment strategy

The choice of your personal investment strategy is yours and yours alone. We offer you an extensive selection of investment solutions. Make the most of what is on offer. Invest part of your pension assets in a mortgage to finance your own home.

Free choice of banking partner

Investing money is a trust-based business. That's why you can choose a partner whom you trust.

PensExpert mortgage

Make the most of what is on offer. Invest part of your pension assets in a mortgage to finance your own home.


The working world is becoming more flexible. Employees undergo phases of working and not working, whether through taking a career break after many years, to further their training, to take a maternity break or attend an extended language course. If so, you need an uncomplicated vested benefits foundation as a “parking space” for your accumulated retirement assets.

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“When you're old, you're old”, as the young and young at heart like to say. However, they forget that early 3rd pillar payments bring long-term benefits. That’s why we offer a voluntary private pension solution for you. An additional exclusive provision is that Pens3a is the only Pillar 3a pension foundation in Switzerland that offers a mortgage to finance your own home.

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Client advisor Vested Benefits & 3a

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