You may withdraw your 3a pension account for the following reasons.

Retirement benefits

Pens3a always pays out pension fund assets as pension provision capital. The retirement capital can be paid out up to five years before the normal AHV retirement age.

There are some important points to bear in mind when withdrawing pension assets. Get your hands on planning at an early stage.  

Transfer to private assets

Pens3a enables you to transfer your securities custodian account to private assets if you withdraw capital. Your pension provision coach will work through the details with you.

Additional withdrawal options

Scenario 1: You become self-employed

You can have your 3a assets paid out if you take up self-employment as your main occupation.

Scenario 2: Early withdrawal for home ownership

You may withdraw your 3a assets to finance owner-occupied residential property.

Scenario 3: You leave Switzerland permanently

You may qualify for a payout if you leave Switzerland permanently.


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