Tax haven Pens3a

Use the tax possibilities

People subject to AHV contributions may pay into a tax-qualified Pillar 3a account. These payments can be made annually during the savings phase and are tax deductible up to a legally defined maximum amount.

Your tax advantages:

  • Reduction of taxable income

  • No wealth tax

  • Tax-exempt interest and dividend earnings

If you are married and both spouses are working, both may make tax-deductible payments up to the amount below.

The maximum contributions for 2022

with a pension fund

a maximum of CHF 6'883

without a pension fund

20% of annual income, up to a maximum of CHF 34'416


Payment after reaching the AHV retirement age

You can continue making tax-deductible payments into a Pillar 3a account after reaching the normal AHV retirement age if you keep working. You may defer withdrawal of your accumulated retirement assets for up to five years after reaching the normal AHV retirement age.


Payment in the year following retirement

You may pay in the full tax-deductible amount into Pillar 3a in the year following your retirement.


Our tip: Open several accounts

It is advisable from a financial planning perspective and for tax reasons to spread your 3a assets over several accounts. Staggered withdrawals reduce the tax level on the capital payment.


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