Expatriation: Use your freedoms


First things first: you may, but are not obliged to withdraw.

You may leave your assets in your 3a pension account where they are tax-exempt. Then the current earnings do not have to be taxed as income. Moreover, you are not subject to any wealth tax.


Restrictions that you must take into account.

A number of formalities are involved in withdrawing your pension assets. Our checklist can help you through the process.

Our checklist can help you through the process.

Online source tax calculator

Are you moving abroad permanently? If so, you are liable for source tax in Switzerland on your departure. Since our foundation's domicile is Schwyz, you will benefit from a low tax rate. Calculate here how much you can save. Please note: Calculations are based on 2019 tax rates. The calculator uses the Federal and Canton Schwyz source tax rates.


Do you have any questions?

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about withdrawing your retirement assets.

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